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Month: February 2018

Setup a Remote Desktop Connection for LAN / WAN Access

What is Remote Desktop Connection? Have you ever arrived at your office and realized that you left your work at home? Without remote access to your network, this can be an inconvenient situation. This is just one way that a remote desktop connection can save you a lot of headaches. […]

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Step-by-step on how to connect two PC’s via crossover cable

This describes the proccedure to connect a PC with a laptop, which enablesa user to use Remote desktop feature and internet connection on both computers. Schematics: PC —————————- LAPTOP -> wireless connection to internet cross-over cable Configuring LAPTOP: Go to Control Panel -> Network connections Right-click on Wireless network connection […]

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Aplikasi Bastat Untuk Belajar Statistika

Menemukan kembali software aplikasi statistik “Bastat” (Basic Statistics) yang saya buat sebelum tahun 2002. Bagi yang sedang belajar statistika silahkan bisa download gratis di link Di dalamnya sudah ada file DOSBox 0.74 untuk menjalankan Bastat, dan juga ada file Panduan Instalasi Bastat. Waktu itu program Bastat saya buat menggunakan […]

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Media Pembelajaran

Dapat dibaca melalui link  BACA.

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